Transportation Questions

How can I find out if a student is eligible for busing?

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Students residing more than 2km by road will qualify for busing.  If you are interested in busing, please see the map below.  Students residing South of 21st Ave will qualify, as will students residing East of 17th Street.  If you live in the red zone highlighted on the map below, please contact the transportation department at 403-380-2612 to confirm your eligibility.

Grade Level

Road Travel Distance to School

Eligible for Busing?


1km or further



2km or further



Can we purchase a bus pass or pay for busing?

Bus transportation is provided free of charge to students who meet the eligibility criteria set by Alberta Education. Kindergarten to Grade 6 students residing 1km or further from their school will be eligible; and Grades 7-12 students residing 2km or further will be eligible.  

There will not be any additional bus seats available. 

Where will bus transfers take place?

As we finalize routes and other logistics planning we will determine the optimal transfer site.

What safety measures will be implemented for pedestrians going to Coaldale Prairie Winds Secondary?

To ensure pedestrian safety, the Town of Coaldale is constructing an at-grade pedestrian crossing at the signalized intersection of Land O' Lakes Blvd. and HWY 3. The crossing will allow safe passage across HWY 3 using traffic signals. Construction will start in early summer 2024 and is expected to be completed by Labour Day.